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Lynching, Shock and Awe, and other Violent Spectacles

This post has been bugging me since I posted it, and I’m been thinking nervously about the ways it might be “excessive” or even in various kinds of poor taste and judgment. I still think it’s sound, but the trouble with getting too close to one’s own work is that the arguments take on a […]

The “Bush Doctrine” is about Lynching

Sarah Palin is a monumental tool; that’s a given, we all understand that, and the fact that a candidate for vice-president would have the particular kinds of ignorances she has is, as has been widely noted, a gigantic shit-storm. But lost in all the hullabaloo about her woeful ignorance is the issue of what’s actually […]

A Quick Response to ‘Love on Trial’ by Stanley Kenani – the third of the shortlisted Caine Prize stories.

Guest Posted By Stephen Derwent Partington. Read the story here in pdf form. From the outset, I should apologise and invite flame-mail . Firstly, ‘quick responses’ are always inadequate. Secondly, no, I can’t write short stories as well as Stanley Kenani can, and so, yes, should be kinder. Yet, I can redeem myself a little by […]

Sunday Reading

Occupy the War Machine Government Jobs Buoyed Bush’s Economy And Sunk Obama’s The Foreign Language of ‘Mad Men’ The Drone of Permanent War Capitalism: A Ghost Story Obama’s Creepy Executive Order: Permanent War Economy UC Berkeley and Its Lawful Business How Not to Study Gender in the Middle East The Sorrows of the Affluent; or, […]

Sunday Reading

Guantánamo: An Oral History State of the Occupation (where the tents still are) Science Can Neither Explain Nor Deny the Awesomeness of This Sledding Crow “Have a Nice Day, Buddy:” What The Actions of a Few US Marines Say About Us All Higher Ed in 2012: Background Thoughts on the Public Sector Under Subsidized Capitalism […]

Sunday Reading

Presidential Fitness Test Now Awarded To Any Kid Who Can Eat Without Sweating What to Do About the Nanny? Ron Paul has two problems: one is his, the other is ours. The richness of Twitter The Argument for New Year’s Progressives and the Ron Paul fallacies This is What Happens When You Give Thousands of […]

Sunday Reading

Via Amitava Kumar’s piece on teaching the literature of 9/11, p37 of Albert Camus’ The Plague: When a war breaks out, people say: ‘It’s too stupid; it can’t last long.’ But though a war may well be ‘too stupid,’ that doesn’t prevent its lasting. Stupidity has a knack of getting its way; as we should […]

Race in the 20th Century

Before we all get tired of Ngram viewer (which is here), I did some playing around. Basically, the utility tracks the number of times a word gets used in the print matter that google has digitized and graphs it by date. Somewhere, Franco Moretti is smiling. Since comparing similar words will be a lot more revealing than comparing […]

Worth Reading

“A man is worked on by what he works on…He may carve out his circumstance, but his circumstances will carve him out as well.” –Frederick Douglass (via) Carla Fran on working as a doula: …what goes on in labor rooms is one of the most potent places for activism in this country…Until my work as […]

Blaming the Victims: Christopher Hitchens is not that great either

Christopher Hitchens lost his mind some time ago, but this fever dream of a column sort of takes the cake: Let me ask a simple question to the pseudoliberals who take a soft line on the veil and the burqa. What about the Ku Klux Klan? Notorious for its hooded style and its reactionary history, […]