Latent Productions, incorporated

by zunguzungu

Even though I’m vigorously pounding out The Dissertation these days — which will be subtitled “Maureen O’Sullivan totally pwns Joseph Conrad” — a bunch of stuff that I did or worked on before The Great Hiatus began is now bubbling forth, so please be welcome to greatly enjoy the following productions of my and other people’s intellectual labor:

First! A video that I recorded with Catherine Cole and Kwame Braun as part of their “Take Five” project — which they describe here — and which basically consisted of giving me Ansel Adams’ Fiat Lux book of photographs (which the University of California commissioned him to produce, of the University of California, in the 1960’s) and telling me to warble on camera about five images which struck me as interesting. Then, they edited it to make me sound a lot more coherent than I was:

Second! I sat down with J. A. Myerson at the Free Speech Cafe the other day, and we chatted about student protest, the releasing of pepper spray to maintain safety, and the general beating of students until morale improves. He used some of what I said as part of an amazingly syncretic report for Citizen Radio on the student debt bubble and related sins. You can listen to it here; Myerson’s segment begins right around the 30 minute mark, and it’s worth listening to in its entirety.

Third! On Monday, the New Inquiry’s “Police” issue will be dropped onto the world, and nothing will ever be the same again. I have a contribution to it called “Dumb Computers, Smart Cops” which will attempt to connect constitutional history, police beating student protesters, and mad robots that want to destroy the universe into a single narrative. You can subscribe here for a miniscule $2 and receive the whole magazine in .pdf form sometime tomorrow, though my essay will also be up tomorrow on main The New Inquiry site as well.