File this under “Why Do They Hate Us”

by zunguzungu

The Boston Phoenix reviews a Persian restaurant:

From the point of view of fine dining, a key benefit of America’s foreign interventions is the stream of incoming refugees and immigrants with slow-food-cooking skills. This column does not openly advocate military intervention in France and Italy — “food to die for” should remain a rhetorical phrase. But if there were to be, say, street riots in Singapore or Guangdong or Buenos Aires, I would be the first to point out the necessity of a strong stand for human rights and culinary opportunity. Thus, our present standoff with Iran has to be evaluated both in terms of the price of gasoline at the pump and the availability of fesenjoon and kubideh kebab in the US.

Matt Yglesias reminds us that Mediterranean misery is fun and games for tourists:

Economic chaos and mass unemployment are bad news. But to the curious traveler, they are an opportunity for a bargain. So it’s only natural for a cost-conscious American reading headlines about economic catastrophe in Spain and Greece to wonder: Is there a cheap vacation there for me?

Meanwhile, watching war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan return their medals, at the NATO Summit in Chicago — and say why they did it — is a pretty remarkable demonstration of what ethics and conscience looks like:

(Items #1 and #3 via SouthSouth; Item #2 via Matt N.)