Meet My Mom

by zunguzungu

From an alumni magazine profile in 2004:

You can’t argue with the results. Bady founded the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition to oppose a bid by BASF (billed as “the world’s leading chemical company”) to build a toxicwaste incinerator in Ironton, Ohio. BASF abandoned the plan. Ashland Oil, which operates a large refinery on the Ohio River, wound up paying big fines and was forced into a $30 million renovation. Parsons and Whittemore, a New York-based wood-products company, wanted to open the nation’s largest pulp mill in West Virginia; permit denied. Those are the big ones. “She’s faced off against powerful industries that nobody else would tackle,” says Fout, who calls Bady a spiritual companion and OVEC’s visionary. “It’s like going into the lion’s den, and she’s done it over and over.”