Notice Anything Different?

by zunguzungu

Hmm, how about this?

zunguzungu has always believed in not just truth, but beauty. Our original design back in 2008 – a clean, art deco look created by zunguzungu’s first art director, Mignon Khargie – immediately set zunguzungu apart. Now zunguzungu is once again separating itself from the cookie-cutter digital clutter that defines too much of the Web with a bold and striking new design.

We asked designer Kelly Frankeny to create a news tabloid as imagined by Coco Chanel. Frankeny — a globetrotting designer who is often dropping into beleaguered democracies in Africa and Latin America to work her wonders for embattled newspapers – responded to our challenge with a sophisticated and dynamic design. A brilliant and sassy blond Texan, she has created a new zunguzungu as big as her personality. And yes, while invoking the brassy urgency of a news tabloid, the new design also conveys the elegance of the House of Chanel. Both Frankeny and the new zunguzungu know how to use red lipstick and a simple black dress for maximum effect.