New Inquiries

by zunguzungu

This blog started off as a letter to friends, and I hope it won’t stop being that. But starting today — with this behemoth of a review blog of David Graeber’s Debt: The First 5000 Years  — I’ll also be blogging over at the New Inquiry. I’m not going to overthink this too much, and with the exception of that first post — which I’m going to make you click over to read — I’ll most likely post everything here that I post there, so if you don’t want to adjust your RSS feed or bookmarks or whatever, no worries.

That said, the New Inquiry is a fantastic journal, there are some really great writers and bloggers there, and I’m excited to be one of them. I’m looking forward both to joining that conversation and seeing where it takes us.

More than that, while this blog has always been a labor of love, and while I’ve gotten a few perks here and there from writing it (starting with the humbling generosity of the people who send me stuff from my amazon wishlist), the New Inquiry is threatening to actually pay me (modestly) for writing stuff on the internet. For details on that startling prospect, click this link.

But the gist is this:

All [The New Inquiry’s] content will remain free on the site. And there will be a bunch more of it. But TNI’s contributors, editors, and staff have all developed an unfortunately expensive addiction to eating every day. Some of us have relatively severe coffee and/or cigarettes and/or alcohol habits. We like making TNI—but stores are insisting we pay for their food with money.

In our continued efforts to actually pay our staff and contributors, we present to you The New Inquiry Magazine: A monthly collection of new and past content organized around a common theme. We hope you will support our project by subscribing for $2/issue to receive each New Inquiry Magazine as a beautifully designed, e-reader-compatible PDF on the first Monday of every month.

You can subscribe to that here, if you like. And you can also not, with a clear conscience; I write this kind of thing, whatever it is, because I can and want to, and I have other work that supports me. But take a look at the site, read their pitch, and then read what we’re writing. No writer could ask for more!