He-Man in Africa, because why not

by zunguzungu

That last was my 1000th post. For my next 1000, I’m resolving to blog exclusively about children’s cartoons and race. For example, here’s He-Man in Africa:

You can tell it’s Africa (for which “The Jungle” is a clear piece of code), because that’s Mount Kilimanjaro in the background:

But it’s amazing how harmonious those images actually turn out to be with these “brightest Africa” renderings (so often, in this way, using recognizable landmarks and features to represent the generalized continent).

He-Man is obviously being slotted into the Tarzan role here. For example (and note that Kilimanjaro is in the background too):

While, at the same time, I can’t help but notice that Skeletor is looking pretty stereotypically witch-doctor-y once you put him up there with all his skull fetishes and ram’s head staff type stuff. Here’s something you can find if you google “witch doctor costume”:

And finally, just to bring it full circle, a Witchdoctor Skeletor: