This Just Happened.

by zunguzungu

Twenty minutes ago, I was sitting on the steps of Sproul, listening to a teach-0in on the UC’s relationship with the Los Alamos nuclear facility. About a hundred people were scattered across the steps, in different groups, and maybe 15 police on the edges of things. It is the single most normal thing that ever happens on Sproul Plaza, or it would be if there wasn’t one tent – for a single person, unoccupied– at the very center of the steps.I was sitting right next to it.

Without warning, a UCPD police lieutenant ran across the steps, grabbed the tent and tried to run away with it. Someone else grabbed the tent, two more cops moved in, the tent is breaking into many pieces, and other cops (and many, many cameras converge). We’re shouting; I was shouting “ARE YOU CHILDREN?!! IS THIS RECESS IN KINDERGARTEN?!!” The cops arrest the person who was trying to prevent them from taking the tent, and take him away around the side of Sproul Plaza. A crowd of fifty or so follow behind them, shouting, and three of them create a barricade (batons out) around the entrance where they’ve taken the person they arrested.  My friend Richard shouts, “Now the UC is in the business of disappearing people?” My heart is beating very fast.