Oakland Occupied…

by zunguzungu

By police:

I got that picture at about 5:30. By the time I got down there, the police had the entire area of downtown barricaded off for blocks in every direction (I circled entirely around and couldn’t get closer than that). They closed down a BART station and were turning people away from their jobs. ABC7 News just tweeted: “Because of heavy police activity, those who work in downtown Oakland are advised to not come into work until further notice.”

Hundreds of Oakland police (and police from surrounding counties) used rubber bullets, flash grenades, and tear gas. Occupiers were peaceful and did not resist.

From about 5:15 this morning:

Hundreds of police in riot gear continue to move into the camp and arrest people. Already dozens have been arrested and the camp destroyed. Most of the arrests seem relatively peaceful. Some have moved out on their own. There is massive amounts of destruction at the camp.

Police tore down tents and wooden stalls that had housed medical aid and food. Garbage cans are overturned. Some police have shotguns and all have clubs out. There is a small protest of about 50 people taking shape just off Broadway near 14th Street. People are banging drums and chanting “We are the 99 percent.”

Media and TV crews everywhere. An officials with a bullhorn is issuing directive to campers. Police have now classified the area as a crime scene, but nothing violent has occurred. Looks like a hurricane has come through the camp. Entire raid was over in about 20 minutes. On the north end of the plaza, police have formed a line and are pushing about two dozen protesters into the street. Chaotic as the protesters yell at police. One protesters said “Police are the biggest gang in America.”

Ironic: the police closed the park at about six this morning, in the name of keeping it closed before six. The park is now open, but it’s defended by blocks and blocks of cops to keep people out.