Think and Drink!

by zunguzungu

I’ll be delighted to be in Portland this Thursday for the Oregon Humanities’ “Think and Drink” series, feeling quite honored to share a microphone with Peter Laufer and particularly to share a beer with any and all who can come by. So if you’re in the area, you should come!

I’m putting my thoughts together for the event — I just re-read my essay which has become a surprisingly unfamiliar document to me since November — and I’m curious what people think about Wikileaks now. I’m assuming a not insignificant number of the people reading these words first found my blog because of that essay (and if it looks like I’m trying to crowd source my prep for this event, you’re right). But what needs to be said/discussed about Wikileaks now (now that it’s starting to recede into the background?). Is Pandora’s box open? Or is it about to get closed? Stuff like this is both really interesting and hopeful and also sort of, well, I mean, we’ll see, right? Has the media atmosphere really changed? (or will it?)