Show Restraint

by zunguzungu

February 21 “The secretary-general reiterates his call for the non-use of force and respect for basic freedoms,” a UN spokesman said in a statement, adding that Mr Ban had been in contact with regional leaders to discuss the situation. “Stressing that utmost restraint must be exercised by all concerned, he wishes to reaffirm his conviction that this is the time for broad-based dialogue and for genuine social and political reform,” it said.

February 20 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke by phone today to Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal. In discussing regional developments with her Saudi counterpart, the Secretary underscored the necessity of restraint by the security forces in Bahrain. She also noted that the United States has welcomed steps by Bahraini Crown Prince Selman bin Hamad al-Khalifa to initiate a meaningful dialogue with the full spectrum of Bahraini society.

February 20 “The European Union is extremely concerned about the events unfolding in Libya and the reported deaths of a very high number of demonstrators,” Ashton said in a statement. “The EU urges the authorities to exercise restraint and calm and to immediately refrain from further use of violence against peaceful demonstrators,”

February 19th The President reiterated his condemnation of the violence used against peaceful protesters, and strongly urged the government of Bahrain to show restraint, and to hold those responsible for the violence accountable.

February 19th President Barack Obama spoke with the king on Friday evening, condemning the violence and urging the government to show restraint. Obama said the stability of Bahrain, home to the U.S. Middle East fleet, depended upon respect for the rights of its people, according to the White House.

February 18th “The United States urges the governments of Bahrain, Libya and Yemen to show restraint in responding to peaceful protests and to respect the rights of their people,” Obama said.

February 17th U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Washington supported “real, meaningful” change in Bahrain, which she called “a friend and ally,” and called on the government to show restraint.

February 17th “As a long-time ally and home to the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, Bahrain is an important partner and the department is closely watching developments there,” Pentagon spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan said. “We also call on all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from violence.”

February 17th British Foreign Secretary William Hague voiced deep concern and urged the Bahraini police to use restraint. “I am deeply concerned by events in Bahrain last night and by level of violence at Pearl Roundabout and urge all sides to avoid violence and for the police to exercise restraint,” he said in a statement released by the British embassy in Manama.

February 15th The United States is very concerned by recent violence surrounding protests in Bahrain,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said in a statement. “We also call on all parties to exercise restraint and refrain from violence.”

February 10th Going forward, it will be essential that the universal rights of the Egyptian people be respected. There must be restraint by all parties. Violence must be forsaken.

February 8th Even as Washington voiced its criticism, Defense Secretary Robert Gates praised Egypt’s military for its restraint. The armed forces — long the backbone of Egypt’s government — have behaved in “an exemplary fashion” by standing largely on the sidelines during the uprising, he said.

February 4th All parties should show restraint and avoid further violence and begin an orderly transition to a broad-based government. The European Council underlined that this transition process must start now,” the EU’s 27 leaders said in a statement issued on Friday during a summit in Brussels.

February 3rd Biden called for “restraint by all sides,” according to a White House statement, and urged that inclusive negotiations begin in order for Egypt to move to a democratic government.

February 3rd I’m concerned about the growing violence. I have urged all sides to exercise restraint. Violent attacks against peaceful protesters are completely unacceptable,” Ban [Ki-moon] said. “We should not underestimate the danger of instability across the Middle East,” he said

February 2nd I am deeply concerned by the continuing violence in Egypt. I once again urge restraint to all the sides,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said after meeting British Prime Minister David Cameron in London.

February 1st Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, held a telephone conversation with Enan on Sunday in which he urged restraint from Egypt’s military, but at the same time praised the “professionalism” of Egypt’s armed forces, a Pentagon spokesman, Capt. John Kirby, said at that time.

February 1st “I urge both the army and the police to act with the utmost care and restraint,” she said, stressing protesters should also avoid committing acts of violence. Authorities should listen to “the demands of the Egyptian people for fundamental reforms to improve human rights and democracy,” said Pillay, who made similar appeals in the days before the fall of Tunisian leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

January 30th Egypt’s military appears to be showing restraint with peaceful anti-government protesters so far and there is no talk at this time about halting U.S. aid to Egypt, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Sunday.

January 29th CATHERINE ASHTON, EU FOREIGN AFFAIRS CHIEF “I reiterate my call on all parties to exercise restraint and calm and I urge the authorities to immediately and unconditionally release all peaceful demonstrators from detention.”

January 29th Afterward, the White House said its focus remained on “calling for restraint, supporting universal rights and supporting concrete steps that advance political reform.”

January 28th HILLARY CLINTON, U.S. SECRETARY OF STATE “As a partner of Egypt we are urging that there be a restraint on the part of the security forces, there not be a rush to impose very strict measures that would be violent and that there be a dialogue between the government and the people of Egypt.”

January 28th Before his departure, Alexander Vershbow, a U.S. assistant secretary of defense, urged restraint during talks with Enan on Wednesday and Thursday, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Dave Lapan said, without elaborating.

January 28th Obama urged the government and protesters to show restraint, saying violence was not the answer. “It is very important that people have mechanisms in order to express legitimate grievances,” he said, citing freedom of expression and access to social networking websites.

January 25th The United States supports the fundamental right of expression and assembly for all people. All parties should exercise restraint and we call on the Egyptian authorities to handle these protests peacefully,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said in a statement.

January 25th U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday urged all sides in Egypt to exercise restraint following street protests and said she believed the Egyptian government was stable and looking for ways to respond to its people’s aspirations.

January 13th The French prime minister, François Fillon, who is in London on an official visit, criticised the Tunisian government’s handling of the crisis.”We insist that all parties show restraint and choose the path of dialogue … we cannot continue with this disproportionate use of violence,” he said.

January 10th New York, the United Nations said Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was concerned about the escalation of violence and called for restraint.