by zunguzungu

“We’re not an army and we’ve managed to hold one of the biggest squares in Cairo for a day and a night in the face of a trained, orchestrated attack and we were here with peaceful intent and we remain peaceful in our intent. This is a noble movement and it’s fighting for very important things for this coutnry, this region and, in my opinion, for the world.” (via)

“We’ve been making the sounds of battle drums all night by banging of pieces of rock on steel barriers as a war cry to tell people who can’t see us how many we are. The pavements around Tahrir square have become quarries [unarmed and unprepared, when they were under attack protesters had to break up pavement stones to throw in self defence].  This has been very sad and a calculated provocative move by Mubarak – there’s no doubt about it. This movement has been entirely peaceful, I don’t know what the estimated number was for yesterday’s protest – whether it’s a million or above –  above – it was entirely packed yesterday and not a single person was hurt. We moved in peacefully on Friday and I saw people die in Front of me. The Mubarak ‘protests’ which only numbered in the hundreds have been violent and were always somewhere other than Tahrir Square. This was orchestrated – everything moved on queue.”