“You can pretend not to hear me but I’m right here”

by zunguzungu


From 0:54 – 1:32:

First speaker: Kemper, seriously, like, you are going way too violent. You need to calm down.

Second Speaker: You should go home. You should tell the officer in charge that you want to go home because you should go home. Because what you just did was ridiculous and you know it. Tell them you want to go home. There’s plenty of police. You don’t need to be a hero right now. You just pulled a gun on unarmed people. You should probably go home. I’m serious. I’m talking to you person to person right now and you should go home. You can pretend not to hear me but I’m right here. Yeah, of course, of course you’re supposed to not respond or whatever, but you need to go home. You are not emotionally fit right now. You’re unstable right now. Go home.