“They are not here to hurt you”

by zunguzungu


“It’s very sad to see how the UC students are being treated outside,” Claudia Magana, president of the statewide UC Student Assn., told the regents. “They are not here to hurt you.”

But it was self-defense! KTVU debunks the claim:

Director Peter King, director of media relations at the UC Office of the President, claims Kemper was beaten with his own baton and drew his weapon in self-defense. However, KTVU’s video of the incident appears to conflict with this account. In the video, Kemper seems to lose his baton while trying to push through a crowd of sign-wielding demonstrators and draws his pistol shortly thereafter.

You can see that video here. As Angus Johnston notes,

In the video, posted on the Chronicle‘s website, the officer lunges into a crowd which is surging toward him. With his baton held in both hands in front of him, he tussles briefly with one protester. For most of the scuffle, which lasts for less than five seconds, the baton is visible in his possession. As he breaks away from the protester he is clutching the baton in his left hand, and he only draws his gun after the baton has fallen from his grasp to the floor behind him. The officer’s helmeted head is visible throughout the altercation with the protester, and there is no indication that he is ever struck with the baton or any other object.

As KTVU reports, “a UC Merced student is being charged with assault on a peace officer with a deadly weapon as a result of the incident.” To recap: when a fantasy student attacks a “peace” officer with an imaginary baton, it is assault with a deadly weapon. When this servant and defender of the public attacks a student with a baton, it is, as UCSF police Chief Pamela Roskowski put it, an example of how the police “showed great restraint” and “conducted themselves very well”:

I’m not trying to say this is or isn’t police brutality. But what it isn’t is a clear cut case of virtuous police being attacked by protesters, which is what the police and the regents want it to be. They want to demonize the protesters, making the effort to enter what is still ostensibly a “public meeting” into a crime worthy of violent retaliation.

An open letter demanding that the Office of the Presidency explain its fiction writing.

And more video from the protest outside: