by zunguzungu

Just because it’s worth remarking on how deeply perverse it is for Glenn Beck to want to “reclaim the civil rights movement” because “we were the people that did it in the first place,” here’s Beck’s take on civil rights counterposed with a marginally important figure within the movement, Martin Luther King, Jr:

Beck: “the movement of the 1960s has been perverted and distorted” by people “like the Reverend Al Sharpton telling people that Martin Luther King’s dream was really about redistribution of wealth…I don’t remember that. Really?”
King: “…we are dealing with issues that cannot be solved without the nation spending billions of dollars — and undergoing a radical redistribution of economic power.”

Beck: “Who were the civil rights marchers?…They weren’t crying for social justice, they were crying out for equal justice.”
King: (in his speech “Social Justice”) “we will be able to go this additional distance and achieve the ideal, the goal of the new age, the age of social justice.”

Beck: “They have infiltrated our churches” and “confused the gospel with government-run programs.”
King: “If America does not use her vast resources to end poverty … she too will go to hell.”