Outrage against Outrage against Outrage

by zunguzungu

This was posted on the mirror in the first floor men’s room of Wheeler Hall, the building which was occupied by protestors last year. It is a remarkable document, signed only “studentsoutragedbystudentoutrage@gmail.com”:

The faux-solidarity is worth the price of admission alone, and my mind trembles in contemplating what kind of feverish soul could dream this piece of rhetoric into existence, much less post it in the dirtiest bathroom on campus (as if the filth and graffiti in that disgusting hole had anything to do with protests). But just so compelling is the “dirty hippies!” tattoo to which rebelution freaks like this person march…

To save our overworked custodial staff the trouble, I removed the offending piece of literature from the bathroom — noting that several others had already been torn down — and on repairing to my quarters for a relaxing evening of desperately writing my syllabus the night before my first class, I took a few pictures that better express my feelings for how our campus should be rendered pure:

(Something tells me, by the way, that this confused individual isn’t really too concerned in polling the custodial workers to get their opinion. Because this might be the response.)