by zunguzungu

Jeffrey Goldberg just published a new article in The Atlantic on the coming preemptive war to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, “The Point of No Return”:

There is some debate among arms-control experts about exactly when Iran will have nuclear capabilities. But there is no disagreement that Iran, if unchecked, will have them soon, and a nuclear-armed Iran would alter forever the balance of power in the Middle East. “The first thing that occurs to any military planner is force protection,” Charles Duelfer told me. “If your assessment of the threat is chemical or biological, you can get individual protective equipment and warning systems. If you think they’re going to use a nuclear weapon, where are you going to concentrate your forces?”

There is little doubt what Iran might do with an atomic bomb or with stocks of biological and chemical weapons. When I talked about Iran’s past with the medical geneticist Christine Gosden, she said, “Please understand, the Kurds were for practice.”

Oh, wait, instead of “Iran,” I meant to type “Saddam.” My bad; that was Goldberg making shit up in 2002, and not only did his claims about the inevitability of Iraq’s nuclear program turn out to be farcically exaggerated, but the “reporting” he did has also been completely discredited when it was shown that he credulously wrote down and authenticated stories told him by sources to whom no real reporter would ever have given credence. Actually, it’s hard to keep track of all the hyperbolic claims he made in 2002 that have since shown him to be a man without a conscience or scruple; was I cutting and pasting from that other 2002 article where he spun stories about Saddam Hussein’s “weaponized aflatoxin”? That one got him quoted him on the floor of the Senate, though the things he said have been shown to have been just as completely bogus and unfounded.

In all seriousness, these people are again ratcheting up for war, and this time all someone like Jeffrey Goldberg has to do is convince the US to do nothing while Israel’s sociopathic right-wing ruling party trades dead Muslims for their own domestic political gain. So he doesn’t so much argue for war directly as regretfully argue that Israel is going to do it and we have no choice but to support them. But if there’s any idea that’s been thoroughly discredited over the last ten fucking years of war, it’s that a limited war can magically and selectively neutralize some enemy deemed to be evil. And if there’s anyone who the experience of 2002 has taught us to regard as a selectively credulous and un-repentedly dishonest hack when it comes to championing war, it’s Jeffrey Goldberg.