“not some smaller country”

by zunguzungu

From the Guardian’s live-blog on the England-Germany game:

HALFTIME: Germany dominated early but England came on late and it should be tied, 2-2. Lampard’s shot was a no-doubt-about-it goal. It went over the line by two feet but was not seen by the linesman, only by the camera. This might finally be enough for Sepp Blatter to give in on video technology. It’s England that got the shaft, not some smaller country.

Indeed. The president of FIFA’s statement on why “IFAB decided not to implement technology in football” is worth reading, though, before we all mount our high horses:

…one of the main objectives of FIFA is to protect the universality of the game of association football. This means that the game must be played in the same way no matter where you are in the world. If you are coaching a group of teenagers in any small town around the world, they will be playing with the same rules as the professional players they see on TV.

[…] the application of modern technologies can be very costly, and therefore not applicable on a global level. Many matches, even at the highest level, are not even televised. For example, we have close to 900 preliminary matches for the FIFA World Cup™, and the same rules need to be applied in all matches of the same competition. The rules need to be the same for all association football matches worldwide.

[…] The nature of the game: association football is a dynamic game that cannot be stopped in order to review a decision. If play were to be stopped to take a decision, it would break up the rhythm of the game and possibly deny a team the opportunity to score a goal. It would also not make sense to stop play every two minutes to review a decision, as this would go against the natural dynamism of the game.”

We’ll see if the needs of the viewers outway the needs of the game.