This is who these people are

by zunguzungu

Ward Connerly, a former UC regent, decided to take time off from his day job fighting to see that no historic racial oppression ever gets addressed to suggest in a post at Minding the Campus that  privatizing the university is a good thing, because, and also that the real problem is, um, dumb kids going to college or something? Or maybe poor kids? I’m really not sure.

…At some point, the university is going to be required to become either a market-based institution, along the lines of a select private university or continue to be a quasi-public one that relies on massive public support to survive, either from the State of California or the Federal Government. I opt for the former. When UC becomes a market-based entity, it might be forced to make cuts in certain courses that can no longer be justified. A market-based entity would also do a better job of reducing the time-to-degree.

As the public, we are equally to blame for the untenable situation in which our university finds itself. We have helped to create the mindset that every high school graduate should go to college. Not only should they go to college, we believe, but they should go to a four-year university such as UC, when many of them would be better served at a community college or one of our excellent campuses in the California State University system, at a significantly less cost to the taxpayers and the students families. We need to direct more students to these systems, particularly the community colleges, during their first two years, where the cost is substantially less and the quality is not significantly different.

If I could find the thread of his argument, I’d hang him with it, but I have to confess it’s beyond me.