“UC Regents, I see tyrants”

by zunguzungu

During my class, one of my students was fiddling with his phone, which I had thought was odd, because he’s usually one of the most attentive (if quiet) studentsin the class. Then it turned out that he was getting word that the UC office of the president building, in Oakland, has been occupied by about a 150 students.

You can read their entire account here:

“Once we were in, the floodgates opened and about 60 or 70 people rushed through.  We shoved past the building  security and in to the lobby. Students were calling for Yudoff and there were many other chants. It was so exciting I cannot remember what they were. The group made our way to the front desk where one of the student leaders pointed out that the sign up sheets didn’t have a column for “students”

The Daily Cal also has the details. After a meeting with some flunkies, the protesters left peacefully.