“She does not own, she is a tenant”

by zunguzungu

The pro-Polanski people are apparently upset that Emma Thompson has removed her name from their petition for child-rapist immunity in cases of being a Hollywood director who made Chinatown. But this little gem reaches heights of auto-parody which, I admit, I never imagined even something associated with Bernard-Henri “God is dead but my hair is perfect” Lévy was capable of:

“Madame Emma Thompson is but passing through petitions. She does not own, she is a tenant. Worse: she is there visiting, with the badge ‘guest’…In life, we must choose between whims and ideas…We at La Règle du Jeu would like to now sign a petition that Madame Emma Thompson never again sign a petition, because it would not be her signature that would be ridiculed, but this time the cause.”

If you have le francais, you can read the whole thing here.