Hell, knowing you’re there, etc: part 2

by zunguzungu

A biting and multivalent critique of Mad Men‘s employment of postmodern critical irony to mask it’s crypto-nostalgia for the commoditization of the American Dream as superstructure for a misogynistic base:

Actually, it’s interesting how easy it is to parody Mad Men. [Note to self: Insert speculative observation here about how a show that finds ways to re-commoditize and re-nostalgize a critical detachment from fifties nostalgia and the American-dream-as-commodity narrative with which we’re all so ironically detached from is still pretty much a nostalgia exercise, which is why it’s still so easy to parody. Observe that the joke is now that the postmodern irony is achieved by rendering the obviousness of this obvious era so obvious and obvious, that it becomes funny. Be witty, concise, and yet leave room for continuing thought.]

Here, for example:

And here: