Berkeley Administrator Fail

by zunguzungu

From a friend who once got on a Haas business school mailing list, before she realized she wanted to be poor and study literature instead, I pass along this email. The “Senior Assistant Dean for Instruction” sent it to everyone in the Business school, telling them not to participate in the strike. Note that we have the triple crown here: misinformation, intimidation, and encouraging students to name names if any of their professors were to participate. I’m glad I took an oath to defend the State of California!

Dear Haas Students:

Many of you are aware that there is a call for research faculty at many of UC’s ten campuses, including Berkeley, to stage a walkout tomorrow, September 24, to express their dismay over recent University budget cuts and student fee increases. Simultaneously, the Union of Professional and Technical Workers (UPTE) will be holding a strike over labor issues. What you need to know is that the leadership of the UC system-wide Academic Senate opposes the walkout and that the American Federation of Teachers, which represents our professional faculty (lecturers), has advised its members not to cancel classes . The University views the strike as illegal and has published a set of questions and answers for employees. We are not formally aware of any Haas faculty or GSI’s who are participating in the walkout, and you should plan to attend class as usual. If, however, you show up for a class and it has been cancelled, kindly contact your program office immediately.

First Name

First Name Last Name, PhD
Senior Assistant Dean for Instruction
Haas School of Business
University of California, Berkeley
number Student Services Building #number
phone (555) 555-5555
fax (555) 555-5555

The Chancellor actually sent out an email a few days before the walkout saying that “How instructors respond to the call for action next week is a matter of personal prerogative,” and since Chancellor trumps Senior Assistant Dean, I’m going to go with him on this one. But I’ll let the friend who sent me the email explain why the Senior Assistant Dean is so full of it, since I’m lazy:

The strike is perfectly legal. UPTE has filed charges claiming UC management has broken the law. This is the legal basis for the strike. UC management claims that the strike is not legal, but they must say this, saying anything else would be acknowledging that the charges UPTE is leveling against them have a basis and they would have to address them. UC doesn’t want to do this so they are claiming the strike is illegal. But truthfully the only one who would decide that is an agency called the Public Employment Relations Board and they are not intervening on UC’s behalf.

Senior Assistant Dean. As if that’s a title.