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by zunguzungu

Because I can’t be bothered to post anything this week, all you get are some of the better snippets from Klosterman’s amusing review of a box set by an obscure guitar-band (hat tip, the western swing album by U2’s guitar player):

The Beatles’ “long play” debut, Please Please Me, gets an A, despite the fact that it doesn’t really have a proper single.

Things get more interesting on With The Beatles, particularly for audiences who feel the hi-hat should be the dominant musical instrument on all musical recordings.

A Hard Day’s Night provided the soundtrack for a 1964 British movie of the same name, a film mostly remembered for its subtle advocacy of euthanasia.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: a concept album about finding a halfway decent song for Ringo
Will history ultimately validate Magical Mystery Tour as the band’s signature work? Only time will tell.

The Beatles: a blandly designed masterwork that could inspire any reasonable citizen of California to launch a race war.

What a strange week its been. I’m leaving parts of myself in the landscape wherever I go, it seems, yet I’m only growing more substantial! Yet growth continues to dis-imply completion. Probably for the best.