Reviving the Archives

by zunguzungu

The thing about blogs is that you write all this stuff and then it disappears into the archives and nobody reads it. And instead of reading the good stuff you wrote in March 2009 or whatever, people read the piffle you wrote this morning while you were trying to remember how many homebrews you had last night before you switched to bourbon to mourn the injustice of “So You Think You Can Dance.”

The “you” there is not me, of course; all my writing is of the purest most radiant and timeless prose, thoughts so penetrating and powerful they don’t so much crystallize already existing structures of lived reality as they actually bring them into existence by the sheer precipitate force of my will, and can therefore never be forgotten; we simply mark time by waiting for reality to catch up. But I was reading Michael Berube’s fantastic posts on Raymond Williams from ought-six (first, second, and third) and it made me think about how much great smart stuff there is out there on the internet lying fallow and unread. The now, now, now present-tense-ism of blogging has its virtues, of course, but it isn’t the only virtue of the form, and occasionally things get written that would be advantageously re-read and remembered. So I want to solicit nominations from people for the best blog posts (by anyone) from the past that — because, of course, the only blog posts worth reading are the one’s written yesterday — no one reads anymore.  Comment in this post or drop me an email, if you’d be so kind. What are the great blog posts of the past that have been read, discussed, forwarded, and now forgotten? I want to lead a revival.

(I am, by the way, working my way through my own archive and posting links to what seems to me to be the most interesting of the lot; you’ll see that list (though at present only a short one) on the right sidebar, beneath the twitter feed. Which is another way of urging the bloggers among you to call my attention to what seems to you to be the best thing that you’ve written that I or others may not have seen).

Also: Are any of you people using google reader? If you are, put me on your share list and I’ll do the same.