Some things of which you may not have already been aware

by zunguzungu

Toumani Diabate’s Boulevard de l’Independance is built like a brick shithouse and his Mande Variations are quite variable. Dr. Nico piles it higher and deeper. The fact that Mulatu Astatque’s Ethiopiques album formed the soundtrack for Br0ken fl0wer5 should not be held against it in a court of law. Ali Kiba is straight out of shule msingi ya Kigoma and I’m told (and believe it) that Hafsa’s Pressure cannot be overplayed. Pressure, pressure, pressure ya nini? Bassekou Kouyate is not wrong in noting that everybody ends up in Segu Blue. In colonial Senegal, Ibrahima Thioub tells us that “Power talked in French. The people talked back in Spanish” and Youssou Ndour says si, se puede. So does the number one band of Dakar. Thomas Mapfumo can open cans of whoop-ass; Thomas Mapfumo also prepares it fresh. Oliver Mtukudzi only needs one guitar but he does pretty well with a band too. And Fela.