Pleased to meet you

by zunguzungu

Up until now, I’ve maintained something of a veil of pseudononymity, but I’m done with that. Too much work. My name is Aaron Bady, I’m a grad student at Berkeley, and I write on the internet a lot.

In addition to this fine blog, I also write for several other internet web-logs: I’ve been writing at the Valve for a while, and I just posted my inaugural piece at Cliopatria on Elizabeth Alexander’s poem for the inauguration, which didn’t seem to me to quite be the greatest crime against literature since they burned the library of Alexander, though I suppose I could be wrong.

So, all this blogging! Hopefully there will be a nice sort of syncretism between the different venues, but I’m also going to try not to cross-post everything too much, since there does seem to me to be a bit of a “publication” effect or aura that’s a useful illusion to maintain on the internet, and too much crossposting punctures it. But we’ll see. The Valve is where I’ll write my more literary stuff, Cliopatria the history stuff, and here is where the zunguzungu stuff will go, whatever that turns out to be. And we’ll just see have to see what happens next. Also, with thanks to biryanilady for the pic: