by zunguzungu

I blathered about Henry Morton Stanley — the world’s second greatest sublater of fatherhood anxiety onto the African environment in a framework of American exceptionalism — in a guest post over at the Edge of the American West. Go over there if you want to read it. Obviously TR is number one, and Hemingway is a strong contender for number three, but after that there’s a steep drop off. Burroughs, maybe?

And just so this post isn’t completely free of actual content, look what you can purchase for merely one dollar and fifty cents (American) at the Albany public library book sale:

acquisitions In case you can’t tell, that’s a copy of Taylor Branch’s wonderful At Canaan’s Edge which I’m enjoying at bedtime, a 1960’s primary school history textbook written for Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania (with a wonderful account of HM Stanley’s exploration, by the way), and a 1968 commemorative Dubois centennial edition of The Crisis. Fifty cents each.