Ripped My Flesh

by zunguzungu

Last night at about three, I heard a crashing just outside my front door. Since I leave my bike propped up against the porch, it suddenly occurred to me that (however implausibly) someone must be stealing it. But when I went to the door, I was instead confronted with five grim looking raccoons, who instantly began an orderly, almost military withdrawal. I had left some food in my bike box, and they had (in trying to get it) managed to knock the bike down the stairs.

Startled awake, I waited, and they returned only a few minutes later, again with a precision of which Patton would have approved. Before they saw me (and there’s something creepy about five raccoons moving steadily towards you), I managed to snap this picture.


That’s some of their glowing eyes in the center. After that, I recall hissing, but it’s hard to distinguish what actually happened from the dreams I had of the incident afterwards.