by zunguzungu

I received this in the email today, so all my financial worries are probably over now:

INFO AWARD!!!!!!!!
It is our pleasure to inform you that your email address won
550,000Euros in EuroPWlotto on 5-07-2008.
As for clarification and Claim,
get in touch with Mr Abbott Hines., Tele:0034665128611
FILE REF: KY/65545/87/0987/098
BATCH no: NJK/7654/LJK
TICKET no:787686990776
LUCKY no: 5-20-26-44-50-5/7
Congratulations in advance.
Mrs Empress Studdard.

In other news, the next few weeks will be largely free of zunguzungu, to your great dismay. I’ll be riding a bike across the great American wilderness, retracing the steps of the pioneers, only on a bicycle, and if attacked by a lion, I’ll be glad to be riding a Raleigh all-steel. But there aren’t many lions in Maryland, so its a slim danger.