Making Bodies Expensive

by zunguzungu

“As governmental practices have addressed themselves in an increasingly immediate way to ‘life,’ in the form of the individual detail of individual sexual conducts, individuals have begun to formulate the needs and imperatives of that same life as the basis for political counter-demands. Biopolitics thus provides a prime instance of what Foucault calls here the ‘strategic reversibility’ of power relations, or the ways in which the terms of governmental practice can beturned around into focuses of resistance…as he put is in his 1978 lectures, the way the history of government as the ’conduct of conduct’ is interwoven with the history of dissenting “counter-conducts’”

Colin Gordon, “Government Rationality: An Introduction” in The Foucault Effect, p5

(In case you were wondering, the album’s title literally refers to the fact that the Nigerian government tried to catch Fela for smoking dope by testing his excrement, or something, thus making his shit very expensive. It is, however, more interesting in various figurative ways)