C.L.R. James disrespects John Ford

by zunguzungu

From American Civilization:

…To put it more harshly still, it is in the serious study of, above all, Charles Chaplin, Dick Tracy, Gasoline Alley, James Cagney, Edward G. Robinson, Rita Hayworth, Humphrey Bogart, genuinely popular novels like those of Frank Yerby, men like David Selsnick, Cecil deMille, and Henry Luce, that you find the clearest ideological expression of the sentiments and deepest fellings of the American people and a great window into the future of America and the modern world. This insight is not to be found in the works of T.S. Eliot, of Hemingway, of Joyce, of famous directors like John Ford or Rene Clair.

He goes on to mention that “I have never been to see The Informer without being tied up in knots inside for days afterwards.” But it’s too late; the damage is done. C.L.R. James, you are dead to me.