Karibu Chakula

by zunguzungu

In honor of http://www.forgottenpie.com, I offer you the recipe for goat’s head soup.

First, get a goat’s head.

Second, take a panga (the East African agricultural knife, like a machete) and hack it into about three or four pieces. Do not remove any part of the goat’s head.

Third, put it in boiling water, and boil the living hell out of it.

Fourth, add salt.

Serves six.

It was served to me as a side to mtorii, a meat stew made with green bananas. I elected to taste it, but in the end found it slightly too astringent for my tastes, and didn’t find the prospect of tearing the tongue from the jaw as appetizing as did Riziki, to whom I bequeathed the remainder of my serving, when he wasn’t looking. What happens to the fur is a mystery to me, but not one I plan on investigating.