Easy like Sunday morning

by zunguzungu

I know its cheesy.  But the local radio stations play that song every sunday morning, and its growing on me.  Its been an easy morning. I’ve been drinking homemade chagga banana beer and enjoying the sunshine (to any homebrewers out there, its high on banana esters, rim shot!).

Anton and I went to a Mama Lishe for early lunch, and when I started asking questions about the bananas they were peeling (bananas being the chagga staple), we were taken off to a dirt-floor bar where they served us chagga specialty, mbege (red bananas and millet) and another kind made of corn and millet.  I won’t lie to you, it was pretty rough. But, amazingly, get a little alcohol in you and such stuff suddenly tastes less vile. And the warmth of hospitality goes a long way.