by zunguzungu

A few weeks ago, a friend of Anton’s got mildly crunched by a car while he was riding his bike. Yesterday, after watching a truck hauling a totalled vehicle down a main road, a car pulls into the road totally without checking for traffic, clips another vehicle which skids into the other lane causing another car to go wildly out of control and smashes into a boundary fence. It seems, to steal a phrase, extremely loud and incredibly close. While I stand there with my hands on my head (unconscously mimicking the gesture of all the women walking by, though they are also making a sound I can’t replicate or even describe), my friend Monica charges over the road and helps a crowd of people pull the woman from the steaming car, using her scarf to mop up the blood.
A few minutes later, after we’ve boarded a daladala (without seatbelts, of course), we pass a safari wagon overturned in a ditch. We arrive at our destination and go about our business.